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JDK786 in 1952. where was this?


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J.C.Brierley was the first owner of JDK 786 he has given us the following information:
He purchased a scrap BRITISH Salmson chassis and removed the S4C engine. He went to see Derek Buckler, at the Buckler works and returned home with a drawing of a current Buckler chassis design (Mark 5 or longer wheelbase Mark6). He worked out what modifications he would like to accept the Salmson engine and asked Bucklers to make a special chassis for him.
He built the Buckler Salmson in 1953 with the British Registration of JDK 786. The engine was tuned with Martlet pistons, special camshafts, special manifolds and 4 Amal carburetors. The aluminium cycle wing body was made by Rochdale Panel Co. ( later to become Rochdale cars I think).

The car started with a live Ford V8 Pilot rear axle but he later converted it to De Dion rear suspension. The car performed well in numerous speed and racing events and he said that he will try to send me some racing history when he gets time.
The car was dismantled in 1955 and then sold without engine in 1958. The engine was sold separately. Mr Brierley never owned a Salmson car except for the scrap chassis but thinks he may have had a second engine for spares ( not too certain as it was a long time back).
Mr. Brierley gave up racing after a bad accident when testing for Elva's. Since then he has owned a number of interesting cars which have been raced by other drivers. He has just sold a 'C'Type Jaguar, currently runs a Lotus 15, and now has his 1968 Formula 1 V12 BRM for sale!
He had a huge amount of technical data on the S4C engine which he thinks ended up with an owner in the Channel Isles.







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