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Morris with ALTA OHIV



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Tom Churchill's MKXV

My Buckler
I have a Buckler Mark XV frame. This frame has been modified in the rear. Instead of the parallel leaf springs of the Morris Minor, my Buckler has a Morris Minor rear axle located by four trailing arms and a Panhard rod and sprung by a transverse leaf spring. Bob Hanna told me that this chassis was standard when Autosport sold it.
I purchased this Buckler from Mr. Keith Wiesinger of Williamsville, New York (a suburb of Buffalo, New York) in December 1985. I brought it home in the spring of 1986. At that time the Buckler was fitted with a flat head Morris Minor engine with an Alta overhead valve conversion. This engine is now with M Fisher of Auckland, New Zealand. Bob Hanna told me that this engine had come from Autosport's shop Morris Minor which had been wrecked by a mechanic who worked for Autosport.
My Buckler was one of three Mark XV chassis imported into Canada by Autosport. There is no sign that a body was ever fitted to my Buckler. A friend, who's father raced a Canada Class special, is helping me try and track down more information about my Buckler.

Post my letter on the web. I hope that by doing so people out there who know more than I do will send in better information.
I last talked to Bob Hanna seven years ago. I will try to talk to him this summer.
As far as I know there three Bucklers in Ohio.
1 My Buckler Mark XV
2 Charles Crawley's Mark X
3 Tom Coy's Buckler - I have no information on this Buckler except the information on your web site. I would like to contact Tom Coy if I can
I got a nice email from Brian Malin. He sent me some good information.
I have a friend in Canada who has tracked down the friend of his father who had a Buckler back then, Ray Williams. My friend thought that this was probably my Buckler but does not think so now. Ray had not changed the rear suspension.
We will continue to see what we can find out about this Buckler. For now I think this is a fourth Buckler sold by Autosport. Brian Malin told me that Bob Hanna said that Autosport had sold four or five Buckler frames.

Note from Stan...

I have always insisted that the Mark XV chassis had a properly located rear axle on coil/damper units with four trailing links and a Panhard rod, mine did for sure, now we hear of another one the same, I have always believed that the leaf spring layout was on the Mark XV1 chassis, We learn something new about Bucklers every day !
still it's a puzzle that my old car had "proper rear axle set up" my one was definitely originally built at Bucklers that way and it was all brand new when I got the car

As to Stan's email The rear suspension on my mark XV seems to have originally been parallel leaf springs. The workmanship of the rear suspension is not up to that of the rest of the frame. The mounts for the front of the springs is still there.
Tom Churchill




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