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A history of Sports Cars by G.N.Georgano page 222


DD1 climax 1100 Built 1956 this pic taken Nov 1977 driver Bruce Sutcliffe

The DD type Bucklers were introduced after the Buckler 90's success. The DD1 was a new space frame using a Coventry Climax engine and Aston Martin gearbox. The De Dion rear axle was specially designed to fit the new chassis. Unfortunately the engine and gearbox mated with the DeDion rear made the car rather expensive. Only one is known to exist at the moment. This is the famous car pictured. After a successful time spent in England the DD1 was shipped to New Zealand and raced very successfully, by drivers such as Ivy Stevenson. The car has been rebodied with a De Joux Mk1 type.

It has been restored to a very high standard by Bruce Sutcliffe and still gets great results in classic racing.

Meanwhile back in Blighty... Due to the success of the new chassis, a further development of this idea was put into action, realising that the Climax option was out of the financial reach of the average customer The DD2 was designed, the customer chose the type of engine/ transmission that they would like and the frame would be modified to suit in the factory.

The car would accept most of the new fibre glass bodies but Bucklers were the agents for the Microplas Mistral body. This was a very popular body in the UK but in New Zealand the De Joux body was used.
This beautifully shaped body was fitted to most of the Kiwi Bucklers.


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