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Picture, courtesy of Peter Hilton's archive (many thanks to Peter Silverthorne)

DD2. supercharged Ford 1172 c.c. with Elva ohiv cylinder head. The photo was taken in 1962. I was about to race the following weekend at Silverstone. The photo was taken at my home in Peasemore. The man standing behind it (and his car - Ford Popular further behind) was known to us affectionately as "Simmy". He was a retired RAF engineer and worked in my father's miniature steam railway company that had its workshops at the farm.
Creighton Brown

Creighton Brown has been found - though he claims he was never lost- To cut a long story short... As I was pushing my PMO528 down the road, a neighbour walking past recognised the car and told me about her cousin Creighton. I shot off a quick email to him and now have a series of errors to correct in the Archive pages. Many apologies Creighton.

The moral of this story... Get YOUR Buckler out and about !!

Here follows an extract from his reply

Dear Simon,

What a small world it is! I had been hoping for ages to catch up with some of the old Buckler owners and news, but really didn't know where to start.... So my cousin Ursula's unexpected encounter with you really was a miracle, and she deserves a medal for instantly recognising a Buckler after all these years!

I built my DD2 in 1960, just after leaving the army, where I did national service (in Somalia of all places), and before I started a "proper job". The car started off with a Ford E93A 1172 c.c. engine with an Elva o.h.i.v. conversion. I fitted a Shorrock supercharger to it, shaft-driven off the front of the crank-shaft. It went like stink, and was quite reliable. The body was Mistral glass-fibre.

I used to run the car on the road during the week, and raced it at weekends! My first race was at Goodwood. I demolished 50 yards of wattle fencing in practise, but made the starting grid with a hastily applied Halfords glassfibre patch-up kit holding the bodywork together....My second race was at Silverstone, where an oil pipe fractured and spewed oil all over the exhaust system, creating a huge plume of smoke as I came bombing into Woodcote corner, where my parents were watching in the grandstand. My mother fainted and never came to watch me again....The car was really quite competitive , 'though I didn't win any races, the best result being 2nd and fastest lap at Mallory Park in 1962 in an unlimited sports car race, but I had huge fun and learned a lot.

Subsequently I acquired a steady girlfriend and ran out of money to race with, so I sold the supercharged engine and fitted a 1500 c.c. 116E Ford with twin 40DCOE Webers in its place. This made the car far more appropriate for normal road use, and it was very quick indeed. I fitted a proper windscreen and hood, with detachable plastic side windows. With the hood up, to get in and out of the car you had to climb through the window, because there was no door.... My girlfriend wasn't particularly amused by these antics.

I finally sold the car - I can't even remember to whom, but I lost touch and have no idea what became of it.

My brother Richard had another Buckler - the famous MOR 456 (I think that was the number). This car handled like a dream and was super quick, being very lightweight. Previously it had belonged to a good friend of mine David Harrison, who used to race with me in the same team - two Bucklers together. David's future wife Sue subsequently became my long-suffering secretary for over 30 years.

Having endured about 5 years without racing I eventually bought a Buckler Class IV Super kart - the ex Jack Barlow machine. Richard and I then went on to build our own Ardmore karts for 3-4 years, before getting back into cars again. We started off with Mallock Clubmans Supersports cars. I subsequently won three Championships and Richard went speed hill-climbing, winning countless awards and holding at one time every sports car hill record in Britain. He also held the outright record at Shelsley Walsh (Pilbeam DFR) for no less than 8 years.

In the mid '70's I got involved in running a professional Formula 2 team, and then became a director of the McLaren Formula 1 team for 9 years during the 1980's. In 1990 I set up McLaren Cars Ltd with Gordon Murray, producing the revolutionary McLaren F1 road car. Now I live in Santa Catarina, Brazil, where I am involved in building a new high performance sports car factory and a 4.5 km international race circuit.

Our memories of Bucklers are as strong as ever. The cars were years ahead of their time and the first genuine spaceframe cars with serious torsional stiffness. I remember your grandfather Derek very well - an amazing man.

Very best regards,



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