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Home Up 833GJH Mistral Whitley A40 Falcon Buckler?

This was unidentified but thanks to Roger Dudley we now know !


What a surprise to see my old car on your site.

Its registration was 833 GJH.

I bought it in the early 70's from the local garage. I was told about the car by a mechanic and I had to collect it within the hour or it was going to the scrap metal yard next door to the garage. This I did. I paid 18:00.
Although I had been reading Hot Car magazine for years I could not find out much about the car. I wrote to the original owner and did get a reply but not much interest. He was a Vauxhall engineer and had built it with a Vauxhall engine. It had an independent rear suspension ( Triumph?), with 2 large tubes for the main chassis. I did have it running in the yard on a few occasions.

Due to the lack of information I did not do much with the car. Somebody said that it might be a Buckler and I wrote to Malcolm Buckler on the Isle of Man (I think). This must be where you got the photo from. He confirmed that it was not a Buckler but that it was a Microplas Mistral body.

In the early 80's I purchased a caravan and needed the money and I sold the car to a young lad from near Woburn for 150:00 + an old 105E Anglia.

I understand that he virtually rebuilt it but then it caught fire whilst he was working on it and was destroyed. (I have not had this confirmed however)

Finally at 6:30 AM one Sunday morning last year I had a phone call from an old man who asked me if I still had the car. He was the original owner/builder. I got more info this time about the build than I did when I wrote to him originally.

The numbers on the side were I understand, due to it being entered in the Woburn speed hill climbs organised by the Sporting Owner Drivers Club.

This car is the one that I really regret selling - but that's life.

The dogs name was Carlo - he's long gone as well!

Roger Dudley
Milton Keynes

Ps I found the site as I was looking for trials cars. I think that it was a trials Buckler that I nearly bought in Leighton Buzzard in the 70's

Ps I have attached a photo of NAC 344 taking part in a SODC trial in a gravel pit near Leighton Buzzard in the 1970's


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