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Up 833GJH Mistral Whitley A40 Falcon Buckler?

Austin-Buckler in New Zealand ?



At Oct 2001 has all Austin A40 running gear front and back.

This car is a bit of a mystery. We obtained the car from a deceased estate, so its history has gone. The car was constructed as far as we know in the late 1950's, but never completed. It had been stored in a garage during the interim period.

There is no doubt that the body is a deJoux Mk1. The car was registered under the name Austin-Buckler at the time it was constructed. I realise that the name "Buckler" was used quite loosely in NZ to describe this general type of car. The origins of the frame are completely unknown to us. We wonder if it looks at all familiar to you.

The space frame seems reasonably straightforward from the pedalbox aft, and the workmanship seems good. Front of the pedal box it is a different story. The front of an Austin Devon chassis has been cut off just behind the wishbones, and grafted on to the space frame. Strange, but if done properly, I guess effective enough. Unfortunately the workmanship at this end is not so good. We will definitely have to rework the front end. The question is to what design? We have a few ideas, but if the chassis is a genuine Buckler (or a copy), then that clearly will influence things.

I have the publication "Buckler - The Kiwi Connection" by Kelvin D Brown", and the there is no mention of anything like our car. I have also talked to Bruce Sutcliffe, and he does not know of the car. Perhaps none of this surprising, seeing that the car was never completed, and thus has no history.

We belong to several cars clubs, and the engineering involved in completing it is not a big problem (the time involved is!!). Any thoughts you may have would be welcome.

Bill, Rob Whitley




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