Read the fascinating History of John Hissey’s Buckler Registered KBU 744 in Kenya and then later after it’s return to England the car became CJK 132




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Possibly a DD2? in Kenya…
Mr McNaughton at the wheel of Tony Everard’s Buckler-Climax in 1967

Kenya News. Details of a Buckler-Climax have surfaced thanks to Duncan Ragabliati. Duncan sent in two newspaper cuttings from the Kenyan East African Standard, both dated 1967. It is believed that the late Tony Everard bought the car second-hand in c1957 in England and raced at Nakuru during the sixties (the same circuit where John Hissey competed in 53/54) Tony passed away in 1974. 
The Buckler is missing and further details obtained are at times conflicting. It has been established that Tony fitted the Climax engine from a Lotus 6 that was written off in Kenya. The original spec still has to be determined. The photo was taken at Nakuru sometime in the mid to late sixties and shows the Buckler with a Mistral shell. If McNaughton and Tony Everard’s name sound familiar they were both regular competitors in the East African Safari Rally.

Many thanks to Brian Malin and Duncan Ragabliati for this update.

Duncan Rollo writes…. (and he adds…this is from memory!)

I’m still intrigued with the Everard car because I don’t remember it racing at Nakuru. Paddy Robson drove a Climax-engined Lotus Mk VI which I believe was destroyed when the truck it was on had an accident. He then appeared in a fibreglass-bodied car called an LBR – possibly Lotus-Buckler-Robson which looked very similar to the ‘Everard car’. Colin McNaughton drove an early Elva with a 1172 Ford engine which later acquired a Climax engine, but from where?

Everard drove in the Safari. His son was at the same school as me and I’m sure it would have registered with this motor racing mad schoolboy if his dad was a racing driver.

Incidentally the Nakuru races that John Hissey mentions were grass track races. In 1956 they built the tarmac Nakuru Park circuit where the picture of the Cortina GT and the Everard car was taken.


Duncan Rollo