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The Canadaire Buckler MKXV

I hadn't been on your site for a while and was very surprised to see the Canadaire picture. I'm the self appointed historian of Canada Class Car information. I'm working on a site to keep it all. Check out www.mcubed.ca . The Canadaire was raced in that class.

As for the Canadaire, you have the information! Check out the Autosport article Nov 28, 1958. You see the rear end of the car while it's being built!

I talked to Bob Hanna about the Autosport cars. I gather he built 2 that were owned by Lew Franco. Lew raced the Canadaire car for a season or two. The Canadaire car was listed with an 800cc engine and was not competitive. There is no record of it being raced again past 1959. Lew then had a car with a Fiat engine and was listed as the Franco Fiat. I originally thought this was the same car, but it is not. I have recent pictures of the Canadaire with the original engine.

I have a friend who knows a guy that knows the owner.

The car actually does not look like it travelled much since the early 60's.

Mike Nilson

Ottawa, Canada



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