This web Site would not ever have been possible without Malcolm Buckler and the enthusiastic members of The Buckler Register.

We would like to thank all these fantastic people for all their hard work over the years

Especially the partners… Carole, Philippa, Betty et al.

Also we need to thank a few people personally…

Malcolm Buckler who started the Register and has worked tirelessly for the cause. He has compiled a huge amount of information, and is working on the archives as we speak !

Peter Silverthorne for the painstaking archive research
Peter spent years on investigations. He travelled all over Britain and spent hours in many libraries and museums. He even spent a large amount of time in Canada following up leads. In addition, he has been a foster home to numerous Buckler cars, to save them from a fate worse than death. Peter is, without doubt, our main archivist in the Northern hemisphere.

Derek Buckler’s wife, the late Mrs Molly Buckler-Sharpe, who had an active role in the running of the register and attended meetings regularly.

The late Julia Ambrose ( nee Buckler ) for all her help.

Bruce Sutcliffe  who has been the restorer and finder of many Bucklers in New Zealand

Peter, Stan, Ken, David, Keith, John, Brian, Rhona, Bruce, Dewar, Kelvin and all the Antipodeans,

To All the people who have contributed information (and spare parts 🙂 and their valuable time and assistance.

All past and present owners for making this all possible.

Not forgetting Peter Hilton and The late Mark Cook.

And especially to Derek Buckler.

Thank You