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These Pages may not be updated as regularly as the main archive. If you notice any errors please let me know.

This just gives an indication of the DD1 and DD2s
Not sure of the difference between the different models? contact us here
for expert advice.


OAA  300 See Page 2 DD DD1                 NZ
993 BEH   DD DD2 ? 1957 Mistral 1172? J.H.Reardon 1957     stored? UK
258 BLK 4 seater DD DD2 9'4" frame ordered 1960 1960 stretched 4 seater Mistral 105E R.Kidd circa 1960     missing  
Burgess car   DD DD2     all enveloping Daimler V8 Burgess of Motorsport     missing  
39 DPA   DD DD2 ?   Al 1172 Harry Bush (1st owner) last seen 1963 1963 missing  
631 FRP Orpin car DD DD2   1955-56 Sirrocco GT Vincent Vtwin/Ford 1703   finished by J.Orpin 2006 stored IOM
688 GOC first registered 1962 DD DD2   1962 Mistral 105E Roger House Stan Hibberd 2006 restoring UK
346 JTE reg. 1959 DD DD2   1959 GRP     last with Anderson 1972 missing  
5 KBH also 59 LMN DD DD2 Oct 1959 Convair GRP 1500 Ford David Southward with P.Silverthorne 2006 on road UK
800 KBH Cars Illustrated reg 1960 DD DD2   1960 AKS GRP MGA 1500 S/C Cars Illustrated (D.Smith) with K.Ambrose 2006 on road UK
LGV 996 ex Shield bros. DD DD2   1958 Mistral G.R.P. E93A sv ex Shield bros. Wordley   missing  
MBW 100 M.D.Major DD DD2 Sept 1957 n/a   M.D.Major R.F.Clayton (1959) 1959 missing  
MJT 918 Ex. J.Longrigg  DD DD2   1959 Mistral G.R.P. Ford 10 sv S/Charged Ex. J.Longrigg Longrigg sold in 61 1961 missing  
643 MMY  XPD 3 G DD DD2   1958 converted to Turfsmoker? various Derek Argyle 1967     survives UK
OUD 487 N.Totman DD DD2 July 1959 Mistral GRP (white) 1172 sv N.Totman now N.Totman 2006 restoring UK
PMO 220 new reg 692 HYT DD DD2 May 1958 Mistral. (dk.Blue)Now Trials al. White Ford 1500/1703 Haywood. Hines now H.Allen 2006 on road UK
PMO 528 Les Hall built at works Lightweight DD DD2 Light 1958 Mistral (red) Morris? first now Daimler V8 Les Hall S.Ambrose 2006 Restoring UK
RBA 953 Dr Wood DD DD2 Dec 1960 Mk 2 Falcon GRP Ford 105E Dr Wood now Peter Hilton   restoring UK
568 THW   DD DD2 ? 1963 Mistral MG TF   once Ted Williams   missing  
UJB 393 Holiday with MOR and Richard Brown to Madrid DD DD2   1960 Mistral 1172 elva s/c. later 116e 1500 S Creighton Brown Creighton Brown sold to an American ?   missing  
ULU 3 "MGW" DD DD2   1958 GRP Falcon? Dark blue MGA Westbury for sale 1964 1964 missing  
Walwin   DD DD2           photo only   missing  
West DD2 no reg. not finished DD DD2   ? Mistral 1172 D.West snr D.West jnr 2006 restoring UK
Woodfield   DD DD2   1957 Mistral     for sale in BCR news   missing  
XPD 3G orig. 643 MMY later Turfsmoker DD DD2      alloy various Argyle now Stillwell 2006 survives UK
25 XTW   DD DD2   1958 Walklett then Mistral later Chevette Cooper, McPherson Oliver and William Nuthall 2006 restoring UK
XUO 808   DD DD2 Jan 1958 all enveloping, green 1172 sv Hampson 1966 Drinkwater 1966 missing  
XWP 423   DD DD2 Sept 1959 Mistral 100E Willment Bond        (80s bob hall) Alan Elliott 2006 Restoring UK
Young   DD DD2     cycle wing autocross   Young bought in 1971 now Young   survives UK
YOW 2 now in Austria once 990NOU DD DD2 Oct 1959 Mistral (Yellow) 1172sv 105e Phillip Keen Stephan Jocher Germany 2006 restored DE


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