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New Zealand Leighton DD2

Buckler Cars were well represented in New Zealand and had a dealer in Australia

Just in from Kelvin Brown 2009

Sadly Peter Bruin of Auckland died of a brain tumor, a friend of Graeme Brayshaw, he was the one that modified the chassis on the Greaney car. He was a chassis expert, worked with Mc Laren and helped many Buckler owners and projects.

Cars on the Levin racing circuit, ca 1956 by National Library of New Zealand.

Cars on the Levin racing circuit, ca 1956. Row 1: car 14, Cooper, driver Arnold Stafford; car 15, Cooper Mk8, driver Ron Frost. Row 2: car 5, Cooper, driver Syd Jensen; (obscured). Row 3: car 18, Austin-Healey, driver Ross Jensen; car 21, Alfa Romeo, driver Johnny Mansel; car 3, Cooper, driver unidentified; Row 4: obscured; car ?, Buckler, driver probably Jim Boyd.
Unidentified photographer
Reference number: 35mm-00811-e-F
Film negative
Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library

Buckler Cars NZ were imported by Arthur Harris during the 1950's. Some Chassis were built under licence . For more info please read Kelvin Brown's great book

The famous Phil Kerr was actually company secretary of Bucklers (N.Z.) Ltd. Also of interest is that Buckler Cars H.Q., in England, made the first handful of Brabham chassis. for more info click here http://www.grandprix.com/gpe/cref-11902.html

The Australian distributor of Buckler products.

Donald Gorringe Pty Ltd
72 Argyle Street
Hobart, Tasmania.

Goringe's Garage still exists but we can find no information about which cars were imported and what tuning parts arrived. Records show that they were Importers of Buckler Front suspension in 1950 and by 1955 became distributors of Buckler cars and Tuning equipment.

There was a car called a 'Buckle' made in Australia this car was fitted with the Ford Zephyr mechanicals and may be confused with the Buckler.
To confuse things further, Buckler's also produced tuning equipment for the Zephyr range.

What we do know is that Jon Leighton imported a car personally.
This car was a DD2 designed using square section tubes. This was the first and as far as we are aware the only Buckler chassis built in this manner, although some special one off chassis were known to have square tubes fitted to certain parts of the chassis also some of the later chassis used very small square tubes as body supports etc. Also see the MRD Formula Junior for details.

Noel Tuckey owns a special that may be a Buckler, though this has never been verified.

One Buckler, possibly a MK 5 - was spotted in Tweed Heads in the 1970s but has not been seen since. We are still looking... If any one has any information. There is a reward for a decent lead!!!









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