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Mick enjoying the IOM
He was the only side valve in his class


Buckler  HBL3 at Gosport in 1955...
Picture shows HBL3 at Gosport in 1955...
This car is now owned By Roberto Vespa in Italy
HBL3 has competed in the Mille Miglia amongst other famous Italian events!! Imagine Driving your Buckler from Brescia to Roma and back again.

The Smith Buckler
at Wiscombe 2004

Racing results from the first international race that included a Buckler in 1948 here

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This page is a little out of date...for that I apologise!
(working on it!)


Richard de la Roche rounding Wis Corner at the
Wiscombe May 1012 500 OC meeting in the Smith/Buckler 500 sounding and looking great!! photo Barry Harwood (thanks again Barry!)

This year's French adventure was fantastic thanks to Johan and the Vannes Retromobile Club there are some 300 pix posted
here ...pour votre amusement
See the next 'Bucklering' for more...(have you paid your subs?)

Keith Thomas about to go.... Wiscombe May 09 Keith managed a faster time than the Bobtail seen behind!!


Wis May09 1

Wis May09 2


Wis May09 3

Wis May09 4

This is a fantastic day and surprisingly easy to prepare for.
read more here.

Bucklers at Wiscombe May2006


Wis may08

Award winning stand at RaceRetro 2008

David Malin got a Silver Medal in the MCC Exeter this month http://hoits.smugmug.com/Classic%20Trials/691060.

See David in action here (Allen Oakes video)

Race Retro 2008
The Kart display at the rally track was amazing. The atmosphere was fantastic and it was fun to see all the different karts actually belting round the equivalent of an Australian outback road. I didn't actually hit a kangaroo but it sure felt like it in the pub afterwards. The pushers also deserve a thank you.

Simon had a technical hiccup but was able to show off a bit on Saturday and was caught on camera by the paparazzi trying to fix it with a big hammer. The other Mk2a ran quite well. We all suffered the terribly rough surface with bits falling off all over the place. 5 Buckler Karts were present... (6 if you count the static display) not all running but quite amazing that they have survived at all.
Thanks to the organisers  for all their hard work.

800KBH has been spotted again at Wiscombe for the MGCC event

The Buckler Day 9th July 2006
The 2006 Buckler Register summer meeting, run and pub lunch near Rugby was a great success with 10 Buckler cars on the road ranging from early Mark 5's ( one supercharged) to a competition prepared DD2. Supporting friends also brought along a couple of Shirley Ford Specials and an E93A based veteran replica and a Register member arrived all the way from Sunderland on a Rotary Norton, promising to drive his Buckler down as soon as restored.

In the hall at Long Lawford, wonderful refreshments were very kindly provided by our female navigators. There was a mind boggling Power Point presentation, albums of priceless old photos and a resin model of the prototype 90 ( now available to order). All in all an excellent day with good weather after a light shower. A meeting always worth attending.

Malcolm Buckler

Reports are coming in from The Historic & Classic Kart Club for Great Britain run Shennington meet where  117 classic karts appeared. 4 of them Bucklers ! more soon...

Re Barbon, Cumbria/ Yorkshire border, Nr Kirby Lonsdale.
The correct date Saturday 17 June.2006
Keith Thomas Mk5 & Keith Ambrose DD2 running.
Contact Westmoreland Motor Club for details ( their website not been updated since 2005!! )
A great day out apparently report soon !

Buckler lineup Wiscombe 2006
Wiscombe 2006 was a great success with six Bucklers attending. Watch out for write ups in the new Buckler Newsletter

Up What and Where? Wiscombe 2004

After a great weekend as a spectator at the 'Speed On Tweed'
I have some news.

The Festival of Speed is a fantastic event, marred only by the lack of a Buckler racing round the Streets of Murwillumbah in New South Wales.

I met lots of interesting people, even a friend of Mr Roycroft the famous New Zealand driver who once owned the Simpkin 90 now owned by Steve Sharp.

Bruce Bloodworth is President of the Nota Register. He told me about his drive in the DD1 and that the Roycroft 90 was green with a yellow stripe from it's very early days.
He also mentioned the Leighton DD2 and it's Coventry Climax engine, that ended up in a Nota Prototype.

More write ups to come soon

1962 Ultralite Mk2. With negative camber rear axle. Concours Trophy. more

Shennington 2006.
copyright TSR Productions
From left to right Dick Tarrant - Keele Matador, Keith Ambrose - Buckler Ultralite Mk2A  and Barry Williams - Fastakart. This is a historic picture as
it brings together Dick who helped with the design of the Keele
He was Stirling Moss' mechanic for many years. Then Keith, Derek Buckler's son-
in-law, the kart belonging to Simon Ambrose, Derek's grandson. And Barry (Whizzo) Williams is the son of the Fastakart manufacturer, Barry raced karts 1959 into the sixties before turning to a successful racing career in cars. GO DAD !!
Many thanks to the Historic kart klub for the photo more fantastic photos here

Bucklers at Wiscombe May2006
Great photo of some of the  Bucklers at the top of Wiscombe 2006

Buckler 800KBH france 2004




Wiscombe Park
500cc OC Hill Climb 2004



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