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These Pages may not be updated as regularly as the main archive. If you notice any errors please let me know.

This just gives an indication of the some of these one offs and at present unidentified models.
These are all Bucklers, but what type?

Not sure of the difference between the different models? contact us here
for expert advice.


5653 NX M.Bendall 1958   GT1R Proto   Rochdale GT GRP 1500 MGA M.Bendall 1958 Mr.Stringer 2006 on road UK
DTY 207 V12 Lincoln running gear(OTY207?)   One off     cycle wing V12. Later V8 Days Bros.(1st.owners) Mr Pattinson (2nd) sold58   missing  
GDP 1 Jaguara   One off   1951 Al cycle wing 3.4 S/C Jag 1st. Gordon Parker     restoring UK
663 GJH     One off 5?   Rochdale Coupe 1172 1st P.W.Brown     restored? UK
444 ANO  1954 car   unsure ? 1954 Excell 1172 Mrs Margaret Barker Ian Forward 2006 Stored UK
AXP 297 1956 car   unsure   1956 Al.all enveloping 1172   Ian Armour 1958 missing  
Grundy     unsure ? 1953   1172 E93A   Grundy 1968 missing  
HBA 672 Montgomery Spl.   unsure ?Jun 1954       ref S.Hibberd contact   missing  
JP 8 Price ? unsure ? ? ? ? Built up by Price ? ? missing  
KBX 2 built up by Rees   unsure ?   no details   built up by Rees with  Dr Rees in 1990's stored? UK
KFT 439 Merc   unsure     original changed to merc ssk style         missing  
KSN 13 Burnett, Glasgow   unsure ?   Rochdale GT   ref.Car Mechanics 8/67     missing  
LRT 509 J.R. Read   unsure ? 1952 n/a n/a J.R. Read raced at Snetterton in 52 1952 missing  
MVE 553     unsure   1954 fibreglass? ?   P.Koeler 70-75 missing  
99 NKN Bright blue BRDC stickers Rear fin late badge   Unsure   ? Mistral with rear fin (bright blue) 1172 Aquaplane Norman Norrington owned 1965 Norman Norrington sold 66 Colchester 1966 missing  
NMA 44 from Wirrall area   unsure ? 1950-52     A.K.Sutton J.Currie (1955-56) 1956 missing  
340 NTF I.Goodwill/Buzzard   unsure ? 1959/60 Autobodies GT MK2 GRP   I.Goodwill/Buzzard     missing  
PPK 141     unsure ? 1951 photo in Autosport Mag.     G.Knight 1953 missing  
RC 3018     unsure ?         Bloor/Naylor/Pitt ?   missing  
Ridge N. Ridge raced at Prescott unregistered?   unsure ?         at Prescott 1962 & 63 1963 missing  
RUV 740     unsure ?         raced by Yeandle   missing  
SNU 765 Townend   unsure     Alloy    Townend sold with spare Townend body   missing  
SUG 55 A. Staniforth   unsure ? 1954 Rochdale (Alfa Red) 1172 Formula A. Staniforth now with Gough 2006 survives UK
SYB 360 Lloyd   unsure ? 1954 aluminium 1172 sv Lloyd     missing  
TTB 99     unsure ? 1954     Built up by J Ireton from Pilling last  1957 Manchester 1957 missing  
UJH 366     unsure ? April 1955 Microplas Stilleto 1172 sv Rance last London Dealer 1957 1957 missing. UK
8 YMT     unsure ?   Cheetah   Wilson sold & lost   missing  
YVX 577     unsure ?         Bates looking for info   missing  





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