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 The New Tech Page!

I thought it might be useful to include a page of helpful tech tips.
If anyone would like to contribute anything useful please let me know here.

Advertising on this page. If you have a particular service that may be of use to Buckler owners please let me know.

Have you fitted a nice new shiny alloy radiator to your Buckler?
Be very aware of 'Stray Voltage'. This electrolysis can destroy an alloy radiator in a matter of weeks. (Copper doesn't fare much better) it's easy to check. Take the radiator cap off (when it's cool, silly, or you'll burn yourself!)

Set your multimeter to millivolts (mV). put the + probe into the coolant (not touching any metal) and the - on to a good earth, preferably the earth terminal of the battery, not very practical if the battery is in the boot, as on many Bucklers!

If you get a reading of 50mV or over you may have a problem.

Start up, check, turn on any accessories, lights, indicators etc one at a time and check each time. If the reading goes up, this particular item may have a dodgy earth. Don't forget to check the brake lights!

Make sure you use a good quality  Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol is recommended by many) and use demineralised water. Esp. if you have any other alloy bits in your engine!...now there seems to be some debate about modern anti freeze
the red stuff will destroy soldered joints??? the blue stuff should be ok??something to do with porridge! Rolls Royce recommend Fernox Alphi 11 (central heating antifreeze)

Any one any other tips to prevent electrolysis damage to alloy body parts?


Talking of corrosion... Prevent crevice corrosion...What!
Crevice corrosion is caused by the small leaking of coolants at the hose and gasket joins. This stuff can leak into the small crevices left by ill fitting hose clamps and gaskets and sit there corroding away unnoticed. Advice here seems to be unanimous. Use a non hardening gasket goo such as Stag Wellseal or Permatex Aviation Form-A-Gasket No. 3 Sealant.
I'm not endorsing these, I'm sure you have your favourite.
Make sure the hose clamps are fitted correctly!

Any one have any more corrosion cures to share?

For more see Ken Green's update in 'Bucklering'

I suppose I should write some kind of legal stuff about not being responsible and all that but I think I've got it covered here.

Beautifully restored Supercharged Buckler/Climax DD2 in NZ owned by Dewar Thomas more here

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