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1953 Buckler
JZ 6650 One of the Irish cars Where is this pretty car now?

Where is ZW 3762 ? last with Mr Kevin Byrne in Ireland

Buckler UUP 944 by the sea
UUP 944 where is this lovely car ?

Where? When? Who?

930BMT at Silverstone

Rodney and Warwick Bloor. More

Buckler 90_j Coplin 90 morris_mg 56no15 mallory pk
J Coplin's Buckler 90. Where and when?

Buckler bill Last
W.J (Bill) Last's Buckler.in Suffolk c1950s  Bill used to tune engines for Elva and later owned Trident cars



What? Where? When? Who? all sorts of questions asked here... If you know any of the answers contact us here
If you have a question, or can tell us anything about Buckler cars, karts or staff
Please let us know here. Many thanks to all that have made contact already !

Where is Peter Koeller? Malcolm met Peter on a ferry...where is this car now?

MWB100 may still survive...after a fashion. check this link  Thanks to John Switzer for this amazing story! (we can't print the whole story, it's not suitable for young children or folk with dicky tickers)



Many thanks to Peter Ramella for this snippet below... Does anyone know where Malcolm is?

I don't have any pictures, however, I worked with a chap called Malcolm Best in the late sixties at Arcott Engineering a Armstrong Siddley specialist in Chelsea, he was trying to get into motor racing and he bought a Buckler sports car from someone locally, it had a side valve 1172 engine with a aquaplane alloy head no shock absorbers sleek streamlined body in red I think the Woodhead people came down to sort the coil over shocks out for him as we didn't have a clue, it had a beam axle at the front which I recall, may have been turned into independent front suspension. He bought the car from somebody in Chelsea and he kept it in Chelsea, I left the job and I lost touch with him shortly after. It would be nice to know what happened to the car as it was very futuristic for it's time and no one seemed to know any thing about the marque ?

The best way to describe the body, it looked very much like a Lotus X1. I can't remember the material the body was made of, although, fibreglass rings a bell. He bought the car from someone he met in a pub in Chelsea, Malcolm loved the pub life, I believe he also knew Chris Amon from some pub or other. I hope he did manage to race the car as he was a gifted driver, he was always very keen to get hold of any exotic sports car that came in either for servicing or MOT.

I remember a Ferrari 250 LM coming for in for MOT, I think it was something to do with Richard Attwood, Malcolm was beside himself with glee when he managed to wangle bringing it from reception to the workshop. All this happened at Arcott Engineering off Fulham Palace road, behind a famous Italian restaurant of the time called the Meridianna. I know when he left Arcotts he got a garage organised just off the Kings road where he worked on the car , after that I lost touch with him, and I didn't ever come across him or the car while I was racing in single seater's in the early seventies.

I hope this jogs a few memories, you might yet unearth the mystery,

Peter Ramella


The Canadaire Buckler MKXV built up by an engineer  from the Canadaire Aircraft Company Who knows more? email here

 GTX247 with Dr Don Kiff. This car had and accident on the road and looks a bit battered but still going strong... Where is she now?
 Mistral Drag Racer. Is this a Buckler? what engine? anyone know? please contact us here

Buckler MkV GTP366It suddenly occurred to Stan that little has been done to locate GTP 366.
This Mark V is well documented as a racer at Goodwood and famously ended up on it's side in the chicane on one occasion... Buckler Honeymoon !! See the proof here




Many thanks to David Curnock who has written with his memories of PBH1

Chris Pritchard has been in touch. He owned a Buckler/Mistral for many years with an interesting registration 1172FD. Surprisingly, powered by an 1172 !
Chris competed at Loton park on the same day as GHT866 c1967/8 Where is she now???... more to follow.

OSK882 The West Hagley MK6 back on the road restored by Mike Stead

We think this is a journalist sitting in a Buckler Backbone
Who is this? The two Backbones are at the works surrounded by chassis' Both with engines fitted by the looks of it ! Is this correct? Please contact us here if you know anything

Stan asks, is this Patrick Mennem of the Daily Mirror?


99NKN Buckler Mistral Norman Norrington
99 NKN Where is she now? more here



Buckler MkV Roy Fiddler and John Hopwood London Rally 1955


Roy Fidler and John Hopwood London Rally 1955
Did they win in their Buckler MkV? Where is this car now?




Paul Biagi in his road registered Buckler Kart
What was the registration number?



A Lincoln V12 Buckler !! This is DTY207 or OTY207? Which is it? Please tell us here
Peter Silverthorne has been in touch and this car is DTY207 where is she now?

Buckler sporting motorist 1959Peter Hilton pictured in the 1959 'Sporting Motorist' which car is this? It has a forward opening bonnet and a ford engine.




Buckler Salmson 1952
in 1952. Where was this?



Buckler UJB393 daimler V8 UJB 393 Silverstone 1961. Where is she now?

Buckler 90 PBH1 colourPBH 1 R.A.F.Halton "Pit Crew", circa 1955.

OFU755   Buckler 90 W.R. Pell 1956 Silverstone. Someone must know about this car!





Wilson Buckler Special at Westwood circa 1960 SCCBC archives. This car still survives...but where? Who owns her?




GFV20 MKV V8 Ford sidevalve V8 When? Where? Where is this car now? contact us here




Buckler nfs746 90 57 harry lindsey 1957 The Wisp with Harry Lindsey



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