The Buckler Archives were originally compiled by Malcolm Buckler and Peter Silverthorne and Simon  Ambrose, NZ by Kelvin Brown. There have been many changes over the years, David Montgomery has agreed to help with updates
Many thanks to Stan Hibberd for recent updates. Also thanks to Brian Malin and Pat Naismith for help with the Irish Bucklers. OZ 9864 was filed as OS 9864. Credits are vast…so many thanks to all.


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Many Bucklers were designed to conform with the 1172cc formula. This class of racing required the vehicle to be registered for the road, indeed, at one time the car had to be driven to the race meeting. There are rumours that this rule was occasionally bent and some cars would be transported most of the way from the works and then off loaded and driven around the corner to the racetrack gates. Bucklers works cars were [nearly] always driven to the track, my father, Keith Ambrose often being employed to drive cars to meetings, The Karts of course were a different story.

Later Bucklers were designed to use all sorts of engines. There was the DD2 fitted with a V twin Vincent engine and not forgetting the Buckler designed for the Lincoln V12 engine

Some Bucklers were pure racing cars and were never registered for the road. A few have been discovered that have never been completed and even one that the original owner never even started to build. Some have changed countries, some have been re- registered. Buckler Cars produced many one off chassis’ and prototypes.

As you can see identification can sometimes be interesting.

The register has a large amount of historical documentation which can be used to identify spaceframes and cars.

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