Replica Kart Badge as fitted to some later cars

Jack Barlow driving a 1960 Buckler


Special Thanks to Brian Malin for the recently updated kart archive

Richard Nottage has written in about his freshly restored MK2

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 Joe Blatchley 

More Karts are surfacing almost weekly now. 
Here’s the latest amazing find. 

Kart SK07. A 1963 Buckler Goldstar still in its original packaging as sent from the Buckler works to Mr Charles Laurent’s home in Scotland on a train during 1963.
This was found with invoices packing slips and brochures. It comes complete with a Saetta Italian 100cc engine 

The reason Mr Laurent never put his kart together? Well… He claims it was due to his VW Karman Ghia !!
The new owner, Andrew Lamb, is contemplating assembling the kart and giving Mr Laurent the chance of driving his Kart 40 years late. Look out for them at Shennington. Don’t loose the packaging Andrew !! 

 Kart SK02 one of Brian Malin’s Karts 

Just so everyone knows what to look for in the shed…The Buckler Ultralite Mk2 had a centrally mounted engine and the Mk2A had the engine mounted to the left side. Simon and Keith’s kart is a MK2A, as is Peter Silverthorne’s.

Jack Barlow demonstrating a MK 2 in 1962

Showing the innovative negative camber rear axle

The Buckler Gold Star was painted yellow as standard. Other colours could be ordered. Deeply Padded seat as standard !!- Luxury… When I were a lad..

Paul Biagi in his road registered Buckler Kart at the Rest and be Thankful hill climb
What was the registration number?

Bucklers ..................STARS of the show!!

Fantastic new find.
Graeme Cattle  has owned this Kart for 30 odd years and it to be restored! help needed with tyres etc please

Kart SK12. 1962 Ultralite Mk2. With negative camber rear axle. John Loxley 
and his son Mark with the Concours Trophy Shennington June 2006. Well done lads!

Keith driving hard

Buckler Karts played a large part of the Buckler Engineering workload. The first Buckler Kart was built in 1958 

If you couldn’t afford the real thing… A friction drive Buckler Go-kart

Kart at the works

800KBH and Kart
Who has the original photo?

Ron Flockart driving a Buckler Class4 1961


This is not Pete’s. 
Who ran this?


Kart SK08 Buckler Goldstar 1962  once owned by Roger Norman from Jersey